Fly with paragliding conquer the sea of ​​heaven Co To Con

As an uninhabited island, Co Su attracts the most tourists of the Co To Islands by beautiful wild beaches. From May 5, 1515, to Co To tourists can experience the exciting paragliding conquest of heaven.

Guests will be wearing life jackets, carrying a safety belt connected to a 30-40m long rear rider, pulled by a canoe running in front. You will slowly be elevated when you will be able to meet the second view of the scene of casuarina forests, beaches, small people and healthy air for you to feel like flying in the air. Falling free to the sea when the cable ties back and the canoe suddenly accelerated to fly you soared. That great feeling makes you scream for pleasure. So come to Co To try the experience once with paragliding on nhé.

Players will be protected by belts with lumbar and hip straps, accompanied by life jackets to ensure safety. After completing the preparation phase, the player’s feet loosened on the ground and the canoe will pull the parachute flying at a height of 70 – 100m. From above, visitors can cover a cool sea, together with the natural scenery of tranquil, beautiful Co To island. At the same time, the feeling of flying in the air also help visitors dispel any tension and harmony in the game.
However, during the run-of-the-mill flight, the player should run at the speed of the canoe until the foot touches the water to avoid falling forward. The thing to pay attention when playing is that you need to comply with the instructions of the staff to fly safely.