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Introduced in Vietnam about 10 years ago, paragliding attracted many young people in the country and foreigners living in Vietnam to participate in training.
Considered one of the most beautiful paragliding sites in Vietnam, Mu Cang Chai is a poetic and majestic beauty. This is also the place to gather pilots and paragliders from all over the country to participate in the Bay Festival on the golden season.

As soon as the festival is announced on social networking sites, hundreds of pilots at paragliding clubs across the country are enrolled.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Vo, Southern Airlines Club enjoy: “This terraced field is very beautiful, this is my first time here.”

Paragliding is a form of free flight that gives the player complete control over the air. Although quite risky, but this sport is very attractive female. Born in 1992, Nguyen Hai Yen, the youngest female pilot in Vietnam, is present at this festival, she said: “Her health is not equal to her male friends, but does not affect anything. I like the risk that this subject has many challenges, when flying, the feeling is very special, you have to try to know.

Favorable natural conditions, passionate players, paragliding in Vietnam is considered to be very potential. There are currently three Vietnamese parachuting clubs Vietwings, Mekong and Hanoi with about 200 athletes participating in regular practice.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Vo, Southern Airlines Club said, “I participated in all the tournaments, seasons that the club held, in Da Nang, Nha Trang Dalat, with the flyer is the passion. , Flying is extremely enjoyable. “